Blood For Life

Search Blood Donors near you

Finding blood donor in your city.

Blood requirement is almost always an emergency. BloodForLife allows you to quickly search for suitable donors in your city, and call them right away.

Blood Donors can register on the website themselves, and easily maintain the date of their last bleed so that their name is not displayed in the results if they are not ready for the next bleed.

Services is a project of Al-Khadija Foundation. To date, several free clinics and a multi-speciality free hospital has served over 1,000,000 patients, and counting.

Open Community

BloodForLife is a open community project supported by a growing network of volunteers who contribute their time in bring more and more donors in the directory, generating awareness, and even helping people looking for blood donors, by searching the directory and connecting the two.

Come join our hands. Saving lives is saving humanity.